History of brand

“Gruppo Ardito Watches”(G.A.W.) – An elite range of professional watches (divers/military), proudly designed and made in Italy, developed and built to stand the test of time and heavy-duty use, while maintaining their value intact.

“Gruppo Ardito Watches” brand stands both for the company ethos of proud Italianness, and the company promise, of strong, reliable watches of value, and its inspiration comes from the memory of the ARDITI elite Italian army storm troopers and more in general, all commandoes and assault troops in the Italian Army, Navy and Air force, who with their strengths, valour and patriotism, their sense of duty and their spirit of sacrifice, pushed to extremes, wanted to and succeeded in writing unforgettable chapters of history during the two World Wars.

About “Arditi”
In 1917, during World War I, the Arditi formed the first Assault Units in the Special Forces of the Italian Army. The men were selected for their bravery and trained to carry out missions that put their lives at serious risk. They stood out for their countless heroic deeds during the war and especially in the famous battle of the Piave.During World War II, the epic feats of the Arditi of the Royal Italian Army were matched by the deeds of the similar assault units from the Royal Italian Navy. The former in various battles between the Aegean Sea, North Africa and Sicily; the latter on board their MAS (torpedo motorboats) or other assault means, or on board their famous “pigs” (S.L.C. – slow-cruising manned torpedoes), throughout the Mediterranean and into enemy ports for daredevil missions of extreme risk; both carried out dangerous feats that have remained in Italian history (and not only) involving military strategy and based on daring, heroism and individual skill. From World War II to the current day, the military traditions of the Arditi, and more generally, those of the army and navy assault units have been handed down to the commandoes and assault troops of Italy’s Special Forces: multipurpose units with ultra-modern means and weapons and super-trained in all combat techniques, who can parachute down into hostile territories, operate underwater and as in previous generations, to take part in missions where ”ARDIMENTO” (daring) and exceptional physical qualities are still essential human values and where sacrifice of personal interest in the service and defence of the nation and its institutions, remain ideals that are always present and constant.The US Special Forces, like those British and other nations’, today internationally famous and protagonists of so many war and action films, have fascinated (and still fascinate) moviegoers of all generations from all over the world, but it is only right to remember that the Italian Arditi from all assault units, from army, air force and navy were second to none when it came to valour and courage.