Frequently asked questions

– Where is the headquarters of G.A.W.?
Our head office is located in North-Italy, and more precisely between Milan and Turin, in an area famous worldwide for accurate craftsmanship and for its companies that produce jewelry.

– Where G.A.W. watches are made?
The watches, entirely designed in our design laboratory, the first mock-up to functional prototype, the cases designs to those of all the components are then constructed and assembled with great care in our laboratory clockwork precision.

– All components are produced by G.A.W.?
Obviously this could not be at all possible for a workshop, but all components are proudly designed by us in every detail and then produced in Italy (except the movement is Swiss). A example are the cases which, starting from prototypes made by hand in our laboratory, are then produced in small set at the nearby machine shop, where we follow every detail of their work.

– Where it is tested for water resistance of G.A.W. watches?
The watches are tested one by one in a machine developed and built internally, with our engineering expertise.

– Where are made as custom dials?
The dials are designed and manufactured internally, starting from a sheet of steel.

– How support is provided or after-sale maintenance?
Support is provided directly from our laboratory or alternatively by our Authorized Distributors.

– Can you customize the watches after purchase with new components / accessories (example, with a different bezel or with different dial)?
Certainly, you can buy and / or accessories to fit new components even after buying the watch, by contacting our laboratory or alternatively by our Authorized Distributors.